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Prepare for your consultation

Please write down any questions you may have and feel free to bring pictures at your consultation of your expectations. Bring someone with you if you wish to. Do not put on your tape on the day (if you use it instead of a binder).


There is no cut off BMI value, however post-operative weight fluctuations may compromise the aesthetic outcome. A BMI >40 increases the risk of requiring a revision to improve cosmesis and risks related to the general anaesthetic. Do not attempt to lose too much weight is a short period of time. Not everyone has an “ideal” body type but everyone deserves  a proportionate chest.



Smoking may be a contraindication for some of the available surgical techniques and it increases the risk of peri-operative complications related to wound healing and the general anaesthetic. Please note that smoking weed has an oestrogenic effect.



You do not have to be on testosterone to have top surgery, and you do not have to discontinue your T before surgery as there is no scientific proof of any benefit.


Recreational Drugs

Please let me know if you use them as they may interfere with the general anaesthetic.



If you are older than 40 years old, a recent (less than six months) pre-operative mammogram is advisable.



Certain medical conditions may affect the decision regarding the surgical technique so a detailed medical history will be part of your consultation.

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