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Inferior dermal flap

This technique is good for patients with medium sized chest who specifically want to try and keep the sensitivity of their nipples. It is an alternative to nipple grafting, and the scars are placed at the same place as with the free nipple grafts technique. The dermal flap is the skin from the bottom area of the chest, which has its top layer removed, so that the nipple can be placed inside the chest area and re-positioned in a more male-like position, still connected to its blood supply.

Up to 70% of the nipple sensation may be preserved.



It is contraindicated in hairy chests and smokers due to the increased risk of post-operative infections and the decreased vascular perfusion. The positioning of the nipples is limited to the dermal flap length. If not carefully chosen in can lead to suboptimal results.



Inferior dermal flap Ioannis Ntanos.jpg
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