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Concentric Circum-aerolar

This best for patients with small chest, who have little or no breast skin droopiness (ptosis). A small amount of skin is removed to try and stretch the skin, and a scar is placed all around the circular areola. The areola can be made significantly smaller if desired. A permanent Gortex or PDS stitch is placed around the new sized areola to try and stop it from stretching again post-operatively.

Minimal scarring. Nipple sensation retention unless nipple reduction is required.

Sometimes it  can be difficult to reach the very edges of the breast tissue, and to disrupt the junction between the chest tissue and the chest wall. This can mean that there could be “ghosting” of the chest disc – the visual illusion that there is still a circular chest shape on the chest wall.
The nipples will remain roughly in the same place (for some chests this will not be an ideal male position. In hairy chests there is an increased risk of peri-operative infections.



Cocentric circum-aerola Ioannis Ntanos.jpg
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