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Mr Ntanos becomes first UK surgeon to gain latest WPATH Certification

Ioannis Ntanos has become the first gender affirming surgeon in the UK to achieve the latest certification from the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).

The certification, which was developed to support Version 8 of the WPATH Standards of Care, signifies that a provider has completed an additional rigorous educational curriculum in line with the most up to date understanding of the discipline.

According to their website, WPATH certification rewards those members who are committed to staying on top of both the current evidence and consensus in the field through continuing education.

Mr Ntanos explained: “I am delighted to have completed the training and to have achieved this highest level of certification currently available from WPATH.

“Transgender healthcare is a rapidly evolving field of medicine. As a surgeon delivering care to this often underserved community, it is vital to be able to continually enhance my knowledge so that I am able to provide better services to this patient cohort.

Trans healthcare goes beyond the technical skills of performing an operation. A holistic understanding of the patient is essential, from the political and social challenges they face on a day to day basis, which might impact their mental well-being, to genuinely listening to what they want and need from the operation, not to mention having the language to navigate interactions respectfully.”

The extensive 50 hour core competencies-based training program includes course work, mentorship and a minimum membership requirement before having to pass a certification exam.
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