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Ioannis Ntanos to join Facialteam to discuss the importance of ethics in transgender healthcare

Next Monday (May 8th) Ioannis Ntanos will be joining Lilia Koss from leading Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS) provider Facialteam, for the organisation’s regular YouTube livestream, which aims to bring topics that matter to the gender diverse community to the table.

The livestream will take place on the Facialteam YouTube channel on May 8th at 3pm BST, for those unable to attend the live event a recording will be available.

Facialteam’s regular livestream is aimed at educating audiences about high-quality healthcare services and the role they play in affirming gender identity. Alongside a discussion around Mr Ntanos’ experience as a surgeon, working with trans men, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals, the livestream will explore other topics including how to be a vocal ally to the trans community and the insights that gender affirming care provides that can be applied to healthcare more generally.

Those interested in joining the livestream can do so at the Facialteam YouTube channel, which you can find here:


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