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Ioannis Ntanos passes one hundred five star reviews on ‘I want great care’

Mr Ioannis Ntanos, one of the UK’s leading surgeons specialising in top surgery for trans men, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals, has surpassed 100 five-star patient ratings on, the trusted site for healthcare reviews. 

The website, which awards certificates of excellence in outstanding patient care, provides an opportunity for those who undergo treatment to provide honest feedback on their experiences. Patients rate providers out of five stars on the basis of whether they would recommend them, whether they are trustworthy and on their ability to listen to the patient. In all of these areas Mr Ntanos has consistently achieved the highest rating available: five stars. 

Mr Ntanos explained: “I am grateful to each and every person who took the time out to share their experiences, not just for their generosity in giving me such a high score, but in sharing their first hand experiences which are hugely informative for anyone who might be researching their own surgical journey.  

“Excellence in healthcare is not just about providing the best surgical practice but it is also about ensuring those undergoing the procedure feel seen and genuinely cared for. I am truly humbled for my work to have been recognised by those who matter most - my patients.”

To read Mr Ntanos’ reviews visit I Want Great Care.


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