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In The Top Surgery Podcast, surgeon, ethicist and trans ally, Ioannis Ntanos, bridges the gap between the public and gender affirming clinicians, giving listeners an insight into the realities of surgery for trans-masculine and non-binary people.

Follow one of the UK’s leading gender affirming surgeons as he engages with patients’ first-hand experiences, as well as gaining insights from experts and ethicists. This podcast addresses the widespread misinformation surrounding one of the most life-affirming forms of trans healthcare by hearing directly from those engaged in the practice.

Episode 1 Nao: My experience of Top Surgery

Leading gender affirmation surgeon, Ioannis Ntanos (he/him), chats to Nao (they/them) about their personal journey to top surgery.


Episode 2 Alex: Transitioning later in life 

How do age, BMI and comorbidities affect access to top surgery? In this episode, Alex (he/him) shares his experience of transitioning in his 60s.


Episode 3 Alex: Top surgery and cancer

In this episode of the Top Surgery Podcast we shine a light on the story of returning guest Alex (he/him), who received a suspected cancer diagnosis during his top surgery consultation.

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