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Images shown are 7mo, 7mo & 3mo.


Patient was 6mo on T at the time of operation.

Rhys: DI & FNG

  • Procedure

    Double Incision Mastectomy with Free Nipple Graft

  • Pre-Op Chest Size


  • BMI


  • Patient Comment

    "Top surgery with Ioannis has truly changed my life in more ways than I could’ve anticipated. It wasn’t all an immediate change after it, but as I’ve healed and gone through the days and weeks reconnecting with my body and self I’ve found a new freedom and peace that I didn’t know could exist within me. My mind is no longer clogged up with anxieties of my chest, I now can be proud showing it off and just feel such ease in a t-shirt. My relationships has strengthened as my loved ones have a more calm and strengthened version of me."

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