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Top Surgery Masterclass to share best practice in transmasculine healthcare with medical community

Ioannis Ntanos today delivered The Top Surgery Masterclass, which was received with enthusiasm by participants. The not-for-profit event is aimed at guiding medical practitioners through the surgical and ethical best practice associated with the care of transmasculine patients. As waiting lists grow, the number of healthcare professionals specialising in gender affirming care is failing to increase in line with demand, this is partly due to the fact that trans healthcare as a specialism is still absent from the medical curricular. To help bridge this gap, Mr Ntanos delivered a full day’s CPD accredited training, tailored to give an understanding of the techniques involved in supporting this patient cohort, pre, during and post surgery. The event also provided patients with a platform from which to share their experiences. Featuring a pre-recorded case of top surgery with voiceover from Mr Ntanos, explaining his techniques throughout the procedure, the first two sessions guided participants step-by-step through all stages of surgery, from consultation to post-op considerations such as whether or not the use of drains is necessary. After the live surgery session, award winning journalist, Freddy McConnell, took over as host, introducing the audience to a panel of individuals who had all had top surgery. The discussion explored their first-hand experiences, from understanding their gender identity to their path to surgery, to other often overlooked aspects of aftercare. The panel featured a variety of personal perspectives, raising awareness of the experiences of trans men and non-binary individuals. McConnell continued as host as the event moved into a final session on consent with Professor of Bioethics at Liverpool University, Rebecca Bennett, and Mr Ntanos, as the three discussed some of the challenges involved with obtaining meaningful consent for this patient cohort. The Top Surgery Masterclass was the first live event of its kind and the recorded sessions will be made available for download in the coming months.


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