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Ioannis Ntanos Awarded Certificate of Excellence for 2024

Mr Ioannis Ntanos, one of the UK’s leading surgeons specialising in top surgery for trans men, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals, has been recognised with a Certificate of Excellence for 2024 from I Want Great Care, the trusted site for healthcare reviews. 

According to the website “Only the most highly-recommended clinicians and providers across the country receive this endorsement in recognition of outstanding care and patient reviews.”

I Want Great Care is a platform through which those who undergo treatment can provide an honest account of their experiences so that others who may be considering which service provider to use, are able to make an informed decision.  

Mr Ntanos said: “I am once again humbled to achieve this recognition. Thank you to each and every one of those people who have used my services and who have taken the time to share details of their experiences, there is nothing more powerful than hearing the first hand accounts of those who have undergone this life-affirming surgery.”

Patients rate providers out of five stars on the basis of whether they would recommend them, whether they are trustworthy and on their ability to listen to the patient. In all of these areas Mr Ntanos has consistently achieved the highest rating available: five stars

Mr Ntanos added: “I look forward to continuing to serve this incredible patient population both in the UK, in the coming months, and as I transition my practice over to Athens, where I will continue to strive to meet the very high standards that the community deserves.”


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